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Thank you for your interest in this exciting volunteer opportunity! We are a group of peer support volunteers from diverse 2SLGBTQ+ identities within the province of British Columbia, and we have created QCHAT.CA.

QCHAT.CA is a startup not-for-profit in British Columbia that works to improve the lives of 2SLGBTQ+ youth across the province. To do so we have created a low-barrier, province-wide referral and peer support service for 2SLGBTQ+ youth that includes chat, email, call and SMS. This service draws inspiration from similar not-for-profit organizations in Ontario (LGBT YouthLine) and in the United States (Trevor Project), which have existed for several years now with growing demand.

These are very early days for QCHAT, however over the past few years QCHAT has transformed from an idea to an operational service that is witnessing growing demand. We are looking for 2SLGBTQ+ volunteers from across BC, and will prioritize youth (those 30 and under) who want to grow their skills as leaders, communicators, and advocates by helping peers on the lines and helping QCHAT to grow into a sustainable force for good.

Purpose of the position:
  • To staff the phone and chat lines at QCHAT. With your help we will be extending our services to operate for additional hours, 6PM-9PM Saturday-Thursday. You will be providing emotional support for whatever issues the caller may have, and provide referrals to LGBTQ2S resources in BC. At this time, QCHAT is not a crisis line and you will not be expected to do crisis intervention. Be aware that there will be some quiet nights, as the service is fairly new and our outreach activities are ongoing. Downtime can be spent messaging other volunteers, reading, doing schoolwork, or helping to develop QCHAT in other respects (see below).
  • To help develop the QCHAT organization. If desired, there are many opportunities to help QCHAT blossom into a sustainable and impactful program for BC youth. Let us know about the skills you have or the skills you are interested in developing. There is room for folks to aid in funding applications, in creating QCHAT digital content and maintaining the website, in developing a strong social-media presence, and in updating our referral database.
Your responsibilities will include:
  • Attending training sessions
  • Answering chat lines, emails, calls, and SMS messages in a timely fashion
  • Exhibiting empathy and patience, while demonstrating strong active listening skills
  • Providing referrals to callers (we have a referral database)
  • Regularly attending shifts, and keeping up-to-date on LGBTQ2S+ youth issues
Our responsibilities include:
  • Supporting full involvement of volunteers in the agency, while providing effective and ongoing supervision
  • Training volunteers to operate the lines.
  • Maintaining an environment that is safe and confidential for both volunteers and clients
  • Fully recognizing the contributions of volunteers as leaders, advocates, and effective communicators. This includes prompt drafting of reference letters, etc.
Time commitment: 
  • This is an ongoing volunteer opportunity. We prefer volunteers who can offer a 1 year volunteer commitment.
Expected hours per week:
Location requirement: 
  • Must reside within the province of British Columbia, Canada
Qualifications & Skill Requirements: 
Depending on our staffing levels we will review submissions and reach out to select applicants: 
~ Thank you again for your interest! We look forward to meeting you :)
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